High-Purity Tungsten Target for Semiconductor Chips

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High-Purity Tungsten Target for Semiconductor Chips

The high-purity tungsten target is a typical chemical product of transition metal tungsten. Because of its high purity (greater than 99.95%), high density (19.35g/cm3), low vapor pressure, low evaporation rate, and high-temperature resistance, it is often used to produce ultra-small tungsten oxide films.

High-Purity Tungsten Target for Semiconductor Chips

High-Purity Tungsten Target for Semiconductor Chips

As far as the current hot semiconductor chips are concerned, the new tungsten oxide film can serve as its diffusion barrier, adhesive layer, large-scale integrated circuit memory electrode, etc., which can significantly improve the overall quality of chip products.

How do high-purity tungsten targets produce tungsten oxide films? Sputtering is one of the main techniques for preparing tungsten oxide thin film materials. It bombards tungsten targets with high-speed ions, and the generated atoms are emitted and accumulated on the surface of the substrate to form a coating. The tungsten oxide film produced by the target sputtering deposition method has the advantages of high density, good adhesion, and good corrosion resistance, so it is suitable for use in semiconductor chips.

How to make the tungsten target? 

First of all, the tungsten powder is put into the sheath and evacuated, and the tungsten powder in the sheath is densified for the first time by the cold isostatic pressing process to form the first tungsten target blank. After the first densification treatment, the sheath is removed, and the first tungsten target blank is subjected to a second densification treatment using an induction sintering process to form a second tungsten target blank. After the second densification treatment, the second tungsten target blank is subjected to a third densification treatment using a hot isostatic pressing process to form a tungsten target.

The tungsten target produced by the method has the characteristics of high density, low impurity content, strong mechanical stability, good uniformity of the internal structure, and large crystal grain size, which can better meet the requirements of modern sputtering processes.


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