Barium Tungsten Electrode for Xenon Flash Lamp


Barium Tungsten Electrode for Xenon Flash Lamp

The reason why barium tungsten electrode is used for the production of xenon flash lamp electrode materials is that compared with other electrode materials, barium tungsten electrode has the advantages of stronger electron emission ability and higher current density.

Barium Tungsten Electrode for Xenon Flash Lamp

Barium Tungsten Electrode for Xenon Flash Lamp

Xenon flash lamp, also known as high-intensity discharge gas lamp, is a new type of headlight containing xenon gas. It fills the quartz lamp tube with high-pressure inert gas (xenon gas) to replace the traditional filament and uses positive and negative electric stimulation to stimulate the xenon gas to react with rare metals to generate light.

As a type of flash with a better fill light effect, xenon flash has a very wide application space, mainly used in videography, electronic police, detection, and other fields, specifically in video cameras, cameras, smartphones, electronic police monitoring lights, indicator lights, stroboscopic tachometer, and other equipment applications.

Although the xenon flash lamp breaks the tungsten filament light emission principle invented by Edison, it is still inseparable from the use of tungsten. Nowadays, in order to produce xenon lamps with better performance in all aspects, manufacturers often use non-radioactive barium tungsten electrodes as the electrode materials for xenon lamps. This can make the prepared lighting equipment have a higher flicker rate and greater brightness and can be used normally in an environment lower than 10% of the commercial voltage (220V).

In addition, the long service life of barium tungsten electrodes is the reason why xenon lamps choose it as the key material.

Precautions for the use of barium tungsten electrodes:

1. It should not be damp or exposed to the atmosphere for a long time and should be stored in a vacuum environment.

2. The texture of the electrode is light and brittle, so it should be handled with care when using it.

3. If the electrode is improperly stored and the surface is oxidized, hydrogen burning can be used to remove the dark spots on the surface and then continue to use.

4. When there is a crack or breakage on the emitter of the electrode, stop using it immediately.


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