Applications of Zinc Copper Titanium Alloy

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Applications of Zinc Copper Titanium Alloy

Zinc copper titanium alloy is a high-strength, creep-resistant alloy developed in the 1940s. Its mechanical properties are comparable to copper alloys and aluminum alloys. At present, the chemical composition of zinc-copper-titanium alloys used in various countries is not consistent. Generally, the copper content is 0.5% to 1.5%, and the titanium content is 0.1% to 0.5%.

Application of Zinc Copper Titanium Alloy

Applications of Zinc Copper Titanium Alloy

In the alloy, the role of copper is to increase hardness and tensile strength, improve plasticity, improve wear resistance, and reduce intergranular corrosion. The role of titanium is to refine the grains, improve the creep resistance and the recrystallization temperature of the alloy, and avoid the coarsening of the grains during high-temperature use.

Due to the joint action of titanium and copper, the alloy has good physical and mechanical properties, mainly as follows:

1. High creep resistance, nearly 500 times higher than pure zinc;

2. The tensile strength is 98MPa higher than that of pure zinc, reaching the soft state level of alpha brass;

3. The coefficient of thermal expansion is about 1/3 lower than that of pure zinc;

4. Excellent molding properties and good processing properties.

Applications of Zinc Copper Titanium Alloy

After the 1960s, zinc-copper-titanium alloy as a structural material gradually gained production and application in Europe and the United States, mainly used in construction, machinery, transportation, instrumentation, and other fields, and its application fields are continuously expanding.

1. The Construction Industry

Zinc-copper-titanium alloy sheets are very suitable for modern building roofing materials. Using zinc-copper-titanium alloy as the roof structure material not only has a beautiful appearance but also can reduce the weight of the roof and has good corrosion resistance.

When the alloy is exposed to the air, it will react with the CO₂, O₂, and H₂O in the air to form a dense and strong protective film. Therefore, the roof made of the alloy has natural self-preservation, does not need to be painted for protection, has a long service life, does not require maintenance after decades, and can be completely recycled. Therefore, zinc-copper-titanium alloy is also called “green building material”.

In addition, the zinc-copper-titanium alloy sheet also has excellent properties such as heat resistance, cold resistance, and fire resistance, and is especially suitable for buildings in coastal areas and islands.

85% of the roofs in Paris, France use zinc-copper-titanium alloy panels. The famous German Vitra Architecture Museum, European Energy Forum, China National Grand Theater, Beijing Olympic Stadium, and other landmark buildings use zinc-copper-titanium alloy roof panels.

2. Automobile Manufacturing Industry

Zinc-copper-titanium alloy can be used to manufacture automobile cooling water tanks, instrument front cover plates, automobile structural parts, or structural accessories, and has already been applied.

3. Instrumentation Industry

Zinc-copper-titanium alloy plates and strips can replace brass and are used to manufacture various parts, such as heat dissipation components, instrument gears, cable jackets, and glass welding parts. Zinc-copper-titanium alloy has good extrusion formability, and extruded pipes are also used instead of copper pipes.

In addition, zinc-copper-titanium alloys play an important role in clothing buttons and other hardware products, medical treatment, and other fields, and the industry prospects are extremely promising.


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