AL1812 Aluminum Foam

Catalog No. AL1812
Material Aluminum
Shape Sheet, belt or customized
Thickness 0.3-100mm

Aluminum Foam Description

Aluminum FoamThe metal material containing the foamed pores has a higher porosity and a larger pore size of up to 7 mm than the generally sintered porous metal. Since the metal foam is a two-phase composite composed of a continuous phase of a metal matrix skeleton and a dispersed phase of a pore or a continuous phase, its properties depend on the metal matrix used, the porosity and the pore structure, and are affected by the preparation process.

Generally, the mechanical properties of foamed metal decrease with increasing porosity, and the electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity decrease exponentially. When the metal foam is subjected to pressure, the foamed metal has excellent impact energy absorption characteristics due to an increase in the area of the force caused by the collapse of the pores and the strain hardening effect of the material.

Foamed aluminum and its alloys are light in weight, with sound absorption, heat insulation, vibration damping, shock absorption, and electromagnetic waves. They are suitable for impact protection of missiles, aircraft and their recycling parts, automobile buffers, electromechanical vibration damping devices, and pulses.

Aluminum Foam Specification

Density 0.2g/cm3 to 0.6g/cm3
Void ratio 75% to 90%
Energy absorption 8J/m3~30J/m3
Compressive strength 3Mpa-17Mpa
Bending strength 3Mpa-15Mpa
Aperture uniform distribution 1-10mm, main aperture 4-8mm


Relative gravity(g/cm3)





2400×800×h (customized)

Sound absorbing material, marble composite board, interior and exterior decorative composite board, heat insulation wall material



Impact-resistant material, composite body panel, sound insulation material, marble composite board, interior, and exterior decorative composite board



Impact resistant material

Aluminum Foam Applications

Aluminum foam is used in concert halls, theaters, recording studios, studios, dance halls, gymnasiums, subway stations, waiting rooms, waiting rooms, hotel lobbies, large shopping malls, exhibition halls, office halls, newspaper rooms, computer rooms, etc. Aluminum foam has the effect of sound reverberation in these positions.

For pipe mufflers, muffling elbows, and static pressure boxes, especially suitable for clean workshops, food production workshops, pharmaceutical factories, precision instrument manufacturing workshops, laboratories, wards, operating rooms, restaurant canteen, ship cabin, auxiliary engine room, cabin and other places The air conditioning and ventilation equipment play the role of noise reduction and noise reduction.

In the city light rail, elevated roads, traffic trunks, highways, railways, overpasses, cooling towers, open-air high-voltage substations, concrete mixing plants, and other places to play the role of sound insulation sound barrier.

In diesel engines, generators, motors, internal combustion engines, freezers, air compressors, airplanes, trains, automobiles, ships, boilers, forging hammer equipment, fans and other equipment, sound absorption, sound insulation, and noise reduction can be performed.

Aluminum Foam Packaging

Our aluminum foam is carefully handled to prevent damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our product in its original condition.

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