ZR1338 Zirconium Strip

Descriptions of Zirconium Stripzirconium-strip

Zirconium metal and Zirconium alloys have advantages in specialized chemical environments-primarily acetic and hydrochloric acids. As Zirconium strips have better mechanical strength under high temperature, it is also used as support and structure components for high-temperature applications.

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Specifications of Zirconium Strip

Material Zr702, Zr704, Zr705
Standard ASTM B551
Purity 95%~99.5%
Density 6.1g/cm3

Zirconium Strip Chemical Composition

Zr 702 Zr 704 Zr 705 Zircaloy-2 Zircaloy-4
Sn / 1~2% 1~2% 1.2~1.7% 1.2~1.7%
Fe <0> 0.1~0.2% <0> 0.07~0.2% 0.07~0.2%
Cr <0> 0.1~0.2% <0> 0.05~0.15% 0.05~0.15%
Ni / / / 0.03~0.08% <0>
Hf 2.5~4.5% <4> <4>
Nb / / 2~3%
Zn+Hf ~99.2% ~97.5% ~95.5% ~98% ~98%

Zirconium Strip Physical Properties

Material State Rm(≥)/MPa Rp0.2(Pa) A50mm(≥)/%
Zirconium 702
(UNS R60702)
annealed 379 207 16
Zirconium 704
(UNS R60704)
annealed 413 241 14
Zirconium 705
(UNS R60705)
annealed 552 379 16

Applications of Zirconium Strip

* Used to make high-temperature superconductive materials.
* Used to make electrodes components, strips, flanges bolts, tubes and rods for special applications.
* Zirconium alloys are also considered to be promising materials for commercial amorphous metal, also called metallic glass. Compared with common metal materials, amorphous metal has no grain boundaries, leading to better wear resistance and hardness.
* Zirconium strip has wide applications in medical equipment, such as zirconium implants.

Packaging of Zirconium Strip

Our Zirconium strip is carefully handled to prevent damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our product in its original condition.

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