ZR1423 Zirconium Ferro Silicon

Descriptions of Zirconium Ferro Siliconzirconium-zr-ferro-silicon

Zirconium Ferro Silicon, also known as silicon zirconium, is a ferrosilicon-based alloy containing proper amounts of zirconium. It can be used as inoculant and preconditioner in gray and ductile iron. Zirconium Ferro silicon can reduce chill in areas of the casting which cool more rapidly. The application of this inoculant will refine the graphite shape in thin or heavier sections. It recommended as ladle inoculant and stream inoculant.

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Specifications of Zirconium Ferro Silicon

Size -60 mesh,-80 mesh or on your requirement
Material Zirconium Ferro silicon
Appearance Powder, Ignot
 Item   Chemical Composition %
Zr Si C / ≤ S / ≤ P / ≤
ZrSiFe-50 45-55  35-40 0.2 0.050 0.050
ZrSiFe-40 35-45  42-55 0.2 0.050 0.050
ZrSiFe-35 35-38 40-55 0.2 0.050 0.050

Applications of Zirconium Ferro Silicon

Zirconium Ferro Silicon is widely applicable to a variety of special smelting, high-temperature alloy melting and precision casting alloys to add elements or deoxidizer.

Packaging of Zirconium Ferro Silicon

Our Zirconium Ferro silicon is carefully handled to prevent damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our products in their original condition.

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