What Can Molybdenum Compounds be used for?

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What Can Molybdenum Compounds Be Used For?


Molybdenum-based catalysts are widely used. When combined with cobalt and nickel, molybdenum is used in the petroleum industry because it can remove sulfur from organic sulfur compounds that are commonly found in crude oil. The application of molybdenum base catalysts will increase because of the further expansion of the world crude oil supply and the decrease of low-sulfur crude oil.

In the presence of sulfur, molybdenum catalyst can convert the hydrogen and carbon monoxide produced by the high-temperature decomposition of waste into alcohols, otherwise, it can be toxic to precious metal catalysts. Molybdenum is not only useful for economic fuel refining but also contributes to a safer environment for us because it has fewer sulfur emissions. As a component of the selective oxidation catalyst, molybdenum can convert propylene, ammonia, and air into acrylonitrile, ether, and other chemicals, which are important for plastics and textile industries.

Corrosion Inhibitor



Sodium molybdate has a corrosion inhibitor in low-carbon steel within a larger Ph range. Molybdate is very low toxicity and is a very weakly corrosive oxidizer for organic additives commonly added to corrosion inhibitors. Protection of low-carbon steel in the construction of air conditioning cooling water and heating system in case of corrosion is its main use. The molybdate solution prevents the steel from rusting in the process and is used in the water-based hydraulic system.


Molybdate is adopted for its two properties of stable color and corrosion resistance. Molybdenum orange has a light and thermal stability, and its color ranges from bright red-orange to red-yellow and is used in pigment and ink, plastics, rubber products, and ceramics. Phosphomolybdic acid is used to precipitate the dye Mithyl Violet and Victoria Blue. A white corrosion inhibitor is used as a primer.

Smoke Suppression

In electronic engineering, the insulation of wires and cables may cause fire hazards to firefighters and people in airplanes and hospitals. Ammonium octa molybdate and polyvinyl chloride are used to inhibit the formation of soot. As video recorders, telephones, and computer networks proliferate, these applications will also expand and develop.

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