What Are the Uses of Titanium In Bicycle Industry?

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What Are The Uses Of Titanium In Bicycle Industry?

Titanium was used for bicycles and wheelchair frames in the mid-1980s. In this article, let’s take a look at the use of titanium in the bicycle industry.

The Uses Of Titanium In Bicycle Industry

The Uses Of Titanium In the Bicycle Industry

Bicycle Frames

There are now nearly 50 companies producing titanium bicycles. Ninety percent of the world’s titanium frames come from several original equipment manufacturers (OE), and the remaining 10% is produced by the United States itself.

The United States is already the largest producer and consumer of titanium bicycles. As more and more cyclists begin to understand the benefits of titanium, they feel cash-strapped. The air-quality ti-3al-2.5 V frame, which costs between $1,600 and $3,500 per pair, sells for $2, 400 to $6, 000.

Bicycle Parts

Bicycle parts refer to the crankshaft locator, pedal, and handlebars attached to the frame. Most parts are made with ti-6ai-4v and are machined out of rods or plates. Titanium suppliers are starting to provide cheap materials to the titanium component manufacturers, most of which are in fact obsolete aviation materials.

Wheelchair Frame and Parts

The wheelchair market is different in many respects from the bicycle market. The most important difference is that only a small number of titanium wheelchair frames are produced at present, most of which are made of pure titanium tubes with seaming industry.

The total titanium purchasing power of the wheelchair is about 55t. Only a handful of companies in the United States currently have enough research and development funds to develop titanium wheelchairs or buy materials. Titanium wheelchairs just have a few advantages compared with cheaper aluminum wheelchairs. The titanium wheelchair component industry has not yet formed except for the titanium screw bolts.

Compact, good stiffness and lightweight are the general requirements for driving specifications for bicycles and wheelchairs, in this way, titanium is often not the best material while forging aluminum and cast aluminum are more popular. If the price of the titanium matrix composite (MMC) comes down, it could be a substitute for some aluminum applications.

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