5 Brilliant Uses for Aluminum Foil You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner


5 Brilliant Uses for Aluminum Foil 

Aluminum foil has a broad range of applications in our daily life. If you are a foodie, you are definitely familiar with aluminum foil, because aluminum foil is often used to heat food when we have a barbecue. If you are a smoker, you will certainly not be unfamiliar with aluminum foil, because there is also a piece of aluminum foil hidden in the cigarette case. In addition to the above two uses, what other uses does it have? In this article, let’s take a look at 5 brilliant uses for aluminum foil.

Brilliant Uses for Aluminum Foil

Brilliant Uses for Aluminum Foil

1. Remove the Stains on the Surface of Metal Products

In our life, it can be said that there are metal products everywhere, such as the bumpers of cars. When used for a long time, it will be very easy to rust, which not only directly affects its appearance but also shortens its service life. At this time, we can completely solve this problem with a piece of aluminum foil. We can knead the aluminum foil into a ball and then apply a little water on it to wipe the rusty part. After repeating this several times, the rust can be removed easily.

Brilliant Uses for Aluminum Foil

Brilliant Uses for Aluminum Foil

2. Enhance the wifi Signal in Our Home

When it comes to wifi, we are all familiar with it, because we have it at our homes. But sometimes the wifi signal is so weak and makes us very anxious, especially when we see the most exciting parts of a program. At this time, as long as we fold the aluminum foil into an arc and place it next to the antenna of the router to block part of the wireless signal path, then the wifi signal will be enhanced.

Brilliant Uses for Aluminum Foil

Brilliant Uses for Aluminum Foil

3. Sharpen the Scissors

We often encounter this situation. After we use the scissors for a long period of time, it may become rusty and dull. At this point, don’t throw it away in a hurry. You can use it to cut a few sheets of aluminum foil to make it sharp again.

Because aluminum foil is equivalent to a whetstone. When the scissors cut the aluminum foil, it is equivalent to the scissors grinding on the whetstone. The friction generated at this time can immediately restore the blunt scissors to their original sharpness.

Brilliant Uses for Aluminum Foil

Brilliant Uses for Aluminum Foil

4. Move Large Pieces of Furniture

Whether you make a move or renovate your new house, you can’t escape the trouble of moving furniture. Today I will share with you a little trick that will save you a lot of energy and time. If you need to move large pieces of furniture, you can put a piece of aluminum foil under each corner of the furniture, so that you can easily push the furniture. (Note: at this time, the aluminum foil paper must be smooth side down. Otherwise, it will not only be laborious but also scratch the floor.)

Brilliant Uses for Aluminum Foil

Brilliant Uses for Aluminum Foil

5. Enhance the Effect of the Radiator

In winter, many people use radiators in their homes to keep warm and they want them to warm up the whole room as soon as possible. So, how to make the radiator warm up the room quickly? Here we have a little trick for you. You can put a piece of aluminum foil behind the radiator to prevent the heat from escaping from the wall, so as to quickly warm the house.

Brilliant Uses for Aluminum Foil

Brilliant Uses for Aluminum Foil


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