TI1816 Titanium Foam (Ti Foam)

Descriptions of Titanium Foam (Ti Foam)Titanium Foam (Ti Foam)

Ultra-light quality: It has the largest specific surface area, the specific gravity is 0.2~0.3, which is 1/4 of water, 1/3 of wood, 1/10 of metal aluminum, 1/30 of iron, and ultra-light quality.

Sound absorption: The porous structure has a wide frequency of sound absorption.

Electron wave shielding: Shields electron waves of around 90 dB through a relatively thin thickness.

Processability: Can be cut, bent, and simply pasted.

Fire resistance: It maintains a stable shape and is difficult to burn at high temperatures and is resistant to high temperatures.

Recycling: Metal waste materials can be recycled 100%.

Thermal conductivity: Porous materials have strong thermal conductivity.

Breathable: a homogeneous three-dimensional network structure with filtering effect and the flow stability of gas and fluid is super strong.

Sound insulation: Through additional processing, a high noise interception can be obtained, and the sound insulation effect is good.

Specifications of Titanium Foam (Ti Foam)

Specific Heat 0.125 Cal/g/K @ 25 °C
Tensile Strength 140 MPa
Thermal Conductivity 21.9 W/(m·K) @ 298.2 K
Thermal Expansion 8.6 µm·m-1·K-1 (25 °C)
Vickers Hardness 830–3420 MPa
Young’s Modulus 116 GPa

Applications of Titanium Foam (Ti Foam)

With its unique properties, titanium filter can be widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, water treatment industry, food industry, bioengineering, chemical industry, petrochemical, metallurgical industry, and gas purification. It is a new material with broad development prospects.

Typical uses include:

1. In the infusion of the pharmaceutical industry, small injections, eye drops, decarbonization filtration in the concentration of oral liquids, and security filtration before terminal filtration in the lean distribution.

2. Removal of impurities in the production process of raw materials, decarbonization filtration, and fine filtration of materials.

3. Security filtration of ultrafiltration, RO, EDI systems in the water treatment industry, filtration after ozone sterilization, and ozone aeration.

4. Clarification and filtration of beverages, white sprinkles, beer, vegetable oil, mineral water, soy sauce, and vinegar in food and beverage.

5. Decarbonization filtration and precision filtration of liquid products, liquid raw materials and pharmaceutical intermediates in the chemical industry, ultrafine fine bodies, catalyst recovery, precision filtration after resin adsorption, system heat transfer oil, material removal, and impurity filtration, catalytic gas Purification and so on.

6. Oilfield backflow water filtration, security filtration before reverse osmosis in the desalination field.

7. High-temperature decarbonization and de-whitening filtration in the dye industry.

8. Filtration of steam, compressed air

Packaging of Titanium Foam (Ti Foam)

Our titanium foam is carefully handled to prevent damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our product in its original condition.

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