SH0490 Platinized Niobium Mesh Anode

Descriptions of Platinized Niobium Mesh AnodePlatinized Niobium Mesh Anode

Platinized Niobium Mesh Anode uses platinum coated on niobium mesh to make it smooth, even, and nonporous. The special plating solution used is with high speed and current density. Also, the niobium mesh has strong corrosion resistance and conductivity needs much lower current and voltage compared with platinum mesh. Therefore, it becomes the best choice for noble metal electroplating.

Specifications of Platinized Niobium Mesh Anode

Floor Metal


Current density


Fluorine ion content

 <500mg />

Life span

 >10 months

Coating oxide


Platinum content


Working temperature


Coating thickness


Applications of Platinized Niobium Mesh Anode

Platinized Niobium Mesh Anode is used in noble metal electroplating, aluminum wheel hub electroplating and special electroplating, recycling, anodic oxidation, and electroplating.

Packaging of Platinized Niobium Mesh Anode

Platinized Niobium Mesh Anode is 4-5 times more than platinized titanium anode, but it can save 2.5 times the cost of the latter. Nice current distribution and even thickness.

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