How Does the Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Work in All Walks of Life?

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Due to its unparalleled superiority over another physical or chemical cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning is widely used in the service industry, electronics industry, medicine industry, laboratory, machinery industry, hard alloy industry, chemical industry, and other fields.

Service industry

Glasses and jewelry can be washed with ultrasonic waves, which is not only fast but also harmless; large hotels and restaurants use ultrasound to clean the tableware, which not only has a very good cleaning effect but also has the function of killing the virus.


As is known to all, there is usually a layer of carbonized film and oil on the outside of the wire after the metal bar is extruded into a wire, and it is difficult to remove dirt with acid or other cleaning methods (especially the whole dish of silk). Ultrasonic wire washing machine is designed according to the actual production needs of a series of efficient cleaning equipment. The rough cleaning part consists of a cleaning liquid storage tank, a transducer, a circulating pump, a filter, and a supporting piping system, and the wire is cleaned by ultrasonic washing and then blown dry to complete the whole cleaning process. The integrated control of the whole set of equipment is simple, convenient, and effective. It is widely used in tantalum wire, tungsten wire, molybdenum wire, niobium wire, copper wire (before coating insulating paint), and other metal wire.

Pharmaceutical industry

Ultrasonic cleaning technology has been widely used in many pharmaceutical enterprises; in particular, the cleaning of the cylinder, oral liquid, safety bottles, large infusion bottles, and the cleaning of butyl rubber stoppers and natural rubber stoppers have been widely recognized. For bottle cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning technology is used to replace the original brush machine, which is realized through reverse water injection, ultrasonic cleaning, internal and external rinsing, air drying, turnover, and other processes.

Micro powder industry

In order to obtain particles of different sizes in the micro powder industry, it is necessary to put the crushing materials into the ball mill for grinding, and then get them through the sieve layer screening of different specifications. After being used for a long time, the sieve hole of the sieve will be blocked (such as a diamond sieve), and washing with other methods will destroy the screen and the effect is not satisfactory. After the testing of many manufacturers, it is found that ultrasonic cleaning not only does not damage the sieve but also the plug particles on the screen are completely recycled.

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