Can Tungsten Oxide Insulating Glass Film Prevent Skin Cancer?

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Can Tungsten Oxide Insulating Glass Film Prevent Skin Cancer?

It is well known that ultraviolet light directly affects human health and is one of the factors contributing to aging skin and even skin cancer. More than 53 percent of the country’s skin cancers are found on the left side of the body, according to a study of skin cancer in the United States. The researchers conclude that this may be related to the fact that the driver’s cab is located on the left, which happens to be where the driver is exposed to sunlight. For long-term drivers, protection from this risk is provided by the tungsten oxide insulating glass film.

The high temperature brought by sunlight will increase the temperature inside the car. Even when the air is open, it is hard to prevent the high-temperature environment outside the car from increasing the temperature inside the car through heat exchange. The high temperature will accelerate the release of formaldehyde in car interior decoration materials and bring adverse effects to the health of drivers and passengers. It is easy to make the driver tired and faint under the continuous high-temperature environment, which seriously affects the safety of driving.

However, the tungsten oxide insulating glass film has good insulation ability, which reduces the heat exchange inside and outside the vehicle. At the same time, it can reflect the infrared ray in sunlight, reduce the thermal effect caused by the infrared ray, and reduce the interior temperature affected by the outside. Thus, the release of formaldehyde in the interior materials caused by high temperatures is reduced to protect the interior personnel.

It is difficult to combine practical and aesthetic properties with traditional automobile glass film, which brings market opportunity for tungsten oxide insulating glass film. Tungsten oxide insulating glass coating is not only seen as a kind of exterior decoration for the car itself, but it also provides a good practical feature to protect the car from various aspects.

Tungsten oxide (WO3) glass

Tungsten oxide (WO3) glass

Delay The Aging Of Automobile Interior Decoration

Tungsten-oxide (WO3) glass coating on the sun’s ultraviolet and infrared blocking can prevent car decoration materials from aging and discoloration. Car interior materials are mainly leather and chemical fiber, and it is vulnerable to the joint action of ultraviolet ray and infrared rays to crack and warp as well as surface discoloration.

Protect The Skin Health Of Drivers And Passengers

Tungsten-oxide glass coating has a strong resistance to ultraviolet light in the sun, and it can avoid the occurrence of reflection due to the characteristics of particle distribution on the surface. Multiple studies have shown that ultraviolet light from sunlight can accelerate skin aging and even lead to skin cancer.

Keep Out The Heat

The tungsten oxide glass coating can effectively reduce the influence of the thermal radiation in the sunlight on the interior temperature of the vehicle so that the passenger and passenger in the vehicle are free from the disturbance of the interior high temperature and improve the interior driving experience. Besides, it can solve the fuel consumption caused by excessive use of air conditioners in cars and achieve the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection.

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