Month: August 2018

Applications of Special Oxide Refractories

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The types of special refractory include high melting point oxides, high melting point non-oxides and the resulting composite compounds, metal ceramics, high-temperature coating, high-temperature fiber and its reinforcing materials. The high melting point non-oxides are usually called refractory compounds, which include carbide, nitrogen, boride, silicified and sulfide, and the application of special oxide refractory materials […]

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Brief Analysis of Applications of the Zirconia Refractories

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With the rapid development of iron and steel industry and the requirement of improving the performance of electronic components, zirconia refractories are more and more applied, among which metallurgical industry uses the most and has the most characteristics in the electronics industry. Zirconia is a very stable refractory oxide, and the relevant research shows that […]

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What is the Metallic Glass?

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The glass is a brittle and hard material, while metal is a ductile and malleable material. But now people have a material that is unbreakable, which is called metallic glass. Metal glass combines the advantages of metal and glass and overcomes their disadvantages. For example, it can be used as an ideal material for power […]

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The Platinum-like Catalyst: Nano Tungsten Carbide

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In nature, platinum group elements together with gold and silver are known as precious metal elements. Platinum family has platinum, iridium, rhodium, and palladium. The most important value of platinum is not that it is a platinum jewelry, but that it is an important industrial catalyst, such as in the aerospace fuel and new energy […]

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