Month: June 2018

What are the Uses of Zirconium-containing Materials in Refractories?

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As a new material, zirconium-containing materials have been rapidly developed in the last decade or so. In the field of refractory materials, natural zirconium-containing mineral materials and artificial zirconium oxide and composite oxide raw materials have also been widely used, which are used to make various kinds of zirconium refractory with good performance. Zirconium-containing raw […]

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Aluminum Alloy Cable VS Copper Cable

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Aluminum alloy power cable is a new type of material power cable invented by AA8030 series aluminum alloy material as a conductor by using special compaction technology and annealing treatment and other advanced technologies, while the copper cable is an electric cable with copper material as its conductor, which is commonly used nowadays. Aluminum alloy […]

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How is Platinum used?

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The South American Indians knew platinum from an early age, and it is often found in sand grains in the form of natural platinum in nature. When the Spaniards arrived in South America, they called the natural platinum “Little silver” and brought it to Europe for the first time from Ulloa. The “Litter Silver” is […]

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Both Tesla and Panasonic will Eliminate Cobalt from their Batteries

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In recent years, a shortage of cobalt has resulted from rising mineral prices and the worldwide spread of new energy vehicles. A round of technical updates has been launched between the top battery makers in an effort to reduce the use of cobalt in lithium-ion batteries. Panasonic has drastically reduced the use of cobalt in […]

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