Month: October 2017

Which Elements Have the Highest Melting Point

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As we all know, melting point is the temperature at which substance converts from solid state to liquid state. Some of the metals show very high melting points at least 2,000 degrees Celsius, and they also have very high physical strength. These metals are named as refractory metals. Niobium, molybdenum, tantalum, tungsten and rhenium are […]

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Which Metals are Nickel Free

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In 1751, Axel Fredrik Cronstedt, working at Stockholm, investigated a new mineral – now called nickeline (NiAs) – which came from a mine at Los, Hälsingland, Sweden. He thought it might contain copper but what he extracted was a new metal which he announced and named nickel in 1754. Many chemists thought it was an […]

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How Titanium is Used Today

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Titanium is a hard, shiny and strong metal. It is as strong as steel but much less dense. It is therefore important as an alloying agent with many metals including molybdenum, aluminium and iron. Titanium metal connects well with bone, so it has found surgical applications such as in joint replacements and tooth implants. Titanium […]

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