Month: May 2017

What is the Industrial Diamond?

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  Tungsten is a metal element with atomic number 74 and atomic weight 183.84. It’s usually steel gray or silver white with high hardness and high melting point. It has air corrosion resistance at room temperature. The main application of tungsten is manufacturing filament, high-speed cutting alloy steel, and super-hard mold. Besides, tungsten is also […]

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What are the Characteristics of Refractory Metal?

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Definition of Refractory Metal Refractory metals are referred to metals with melting points over 3632°F and certain amounts of reserves, including tungsten, tantalum, molybdenum, niobium, hafnium, chromium, vanadium, zirconium and titanium. Usually refractory metals have great densities and weigh heavily. With refractory metal as matrix, the alloys added with other elements are called refractory metal […]

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